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Ana's Alphabet Book A to Z

My first book, a children's educational book with dolls as characters...


This little eBook is now live on Amazon.  


Learn the alphabet with Ana and her doll friends. A is for Ana, B is for ButlerZ is for Zoey.

Level One 26 letters, 26 sounds, with 26 dolls!


There are 45 Sounds in the English Language.

More or less


English is a phonetic language, which means the simplest way to read English is by learning all its sounds, and start by matching them to the alphabet letters.


But we only have 26 letters! So some of our sounds are represented with 2 letterssh, th, ee, etc

Or, a sound may be represented by 3 or even 4 letters together …igh, ough


Level One- learn the first 26 sounds that match the alphabet letters

Eg A for Ana, S for Sam


Practice, Practice, Practice! And have fun!

And Little Darling Ana is here with her friends to help you do just that


Enjoy meeting 26 dollies-males and females, from babies to Barbies, from vintage to new, from around the world- these dolls will help your child learn the names and sounds of the alphabet!

Clear and colorful photos. Alphabet chart included.



I am combining my interests in education, reading skills, photography and doll collecting in this little book!


Check it out on Amazon!

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