Valentine's Day!

Children love Valentine's Day!


Most schools celebrate this day with exchanges of friendly and funny notes. And at the younger ages, kids are encouraged to bring little Valentine notes or goodies for each of their classmates, leaving no one out.


Some communities hold family celebrations and include a dance for all ages. I think family dances are fabulous!


Valentine's Day is a great day for families to model caring and expressions of love. Even the romance between the mom and dad give kids a good message!


Imagine a fun day of celebration for children, ending with the parents heading out on their own, with children knowing their parents are solid in their relationship!


Now, that is just one scenario these days! Kids are getting used to a variety of family situations...for instance, lots of single parent families now!


But whatever the situation in the home, Valentine's Day can still be a lot of fun, with a message of love.


Do you celebrate Valentine's Day?


Lots of fun with these dolly children when they are told they can only wear Valentines colors for their party, on our doll story site Hiya Dolly...



Motivate your child

Kids are back at school. Or back to their school work at home.

There's school work, homework, and chores.


Are you dealing with an unmotivated child. Or unmotivated children?


It can be frustrating, worrying, and challenging.


I ran into a good article on 6 ways to motivate your kids.

And the article asks-do you want to motivate your child? Or do you want your child to self motivate?

Good question. 


For starters, good listening is an important component of the solution.


Check out this article at Empowering Parents.

6 steps...

1. Don't let your anxiety push them to get motivated.

2. Be inspiring.

3. Let your child make his own choices-and face his consequences.

4. Ask yourself 4 questions (explore so you understand)

5. Choose which door... (motivate or elicit self-motivation)

6. It's not your fault!


Read the article for specific steps and examples...


And remember that being an inspired parent, caregiver, or educator makes a big difference!



Happy New Year, kids!

Now that Christmas is done...


It's time to inspire your children with great quotes.


Sometimes our lives are guided by a saying or two that we have heard from the time we are young.


My mom used to say, "Be true to yourself."


It didn't always make sense when I was younger but it sure came to mind in moments of choice and helped to guide my steps...


Choose a few sayings that reflect your family values and then use then now and then.


I found some great sayings, with graphics at Everyday Power.


"A dream is only a dream until you decide to make it real."

                                                     Harry Styles


Posters are a great way to permanently fix a quote in a child's mind!


Look for a photo or visual that appeals to your own child, from tiny to teens.


Free printable quote posters at Activity Village.