About Us

We are inspired...

 ...by children and their ability to start fresh at every turn, by their willingness to enjoy themselves in their own way, and by their curiosity.

...by the world around us, how we got to where we are now, and the potential in the changes we see every day.

...and by the relationships we have with each other, that keep us safe and feeling good.


We are each unique, but mostly the same. We know that love is at the core of all inspiration, and that inspiration comes in many forms for each of us.

Tips, resources and inspirations...

Let's discover as much as we can about inspiration and how we can inspire each other!


Each child in the world is worth it, all babies, boys and girls.


Kids are willing to be inspired.

Their faces light up at a new idea, an interesting fact, at the telling of a story.

Children are willing to hear happy stories and sad stories, and be touched by them.



With open and loving adults around them, attentive to their needs-of-the-moment, to their potential growth,

children thrive and come up with

inspired thoughts, ideas,

and inventions.


My name is Jano.

I am an educator, a mother, a storyteller, a lifelong learner. 

I am inspired on a daily basis, by my partner, my children, my students, my colleagues, my friends and others, by nature, by music, by art, by the news, by what I watch and what I read, by what I google, what is shared with me on Facebook...and by my self. 

I breathe and I am inspired.

I hope you find one thing on this small site that is worthwhile for you. Even if it's just a peaceful moment while you explore. That's enough!

And if you find a thought here, or a photo, or a resource that leads you to inspire a child, or be inspired by a child

- even better!

And if you are a child-from tiny to almost legal-you are MOST WELCOME!

And I invite you especially, to share how you are inspired!