Motivate your child

Kids are back at school. Or back to their school work at home.

There's school work, homework, and chores.


Are you dealing with an unmotivated child. Or unmotivated children?


It can be frustrating, worrying, and challenging.


I ran into a good article on 6 ways to motivate your kids.

And the article asks-do you want to motivate your child? Or do you want your child to self motivate?

Good question. 


For starters, good listening is an important component of the solution.


Check out this article at Empowering Parents.

6 steps...

1. Don't let your anxiety push them to get motivated.

2. Be inspiring.

3. Let your child make his own choices-and face his consequences.

4. Ask yourself 4 questions (explore so you understand)

5. Choose which door... (motivate or elicit self-motivation)

6. It's not your fault!


Read the article for specific steps and examples...


And remember that being an inspired parent, caregiver, or educator makes a big difference!


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