Halloween same or bigger?

Do your children dress up on the evening of October 31 and go out trick or treating?

Do your children go door to door in your own neighborhood?

It still seems to be a popular tradition...

But there do seem to be changes.

  • Families seem to choose the neighborhoods they take their children to, if they are going door to door. And not just stay in their own
  • There seem to be more Halloween themed parties for children now, where the kids get their treats.
  • There are more town-hosted parties, complete with fireworks for families to get together.
  • And the Halloween festivities seem to be shared now with more adults

                  -more office dressing up
                  -more people on the street and in stores
                   -more costumes available for sale, for people of all sizes

Halloween starts in the morning for adults now too, not just for school children getting ready for classroom parties...

People spend more time before Halloween, putting thought into the event.

In some countries, Halloween is not a big deal.

But here in Canada, and it seems, the US, Halloween is as big as ever...


What is your experience?

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